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Denice Ising


Tel: (502) 244-6750

About Me

“As a teacher, you have to be patient. Each student learns at a different speed. I am very patient but I do challenge each student to their fullest.

I have 2 recitals – Christmas and in May. I give 4 private lessons a month. I have 6 group lessons a year. This is where all students come together and perform for each other and then they go to 5 stations in my studio for theory games. These are on Saturday’s for one and a half hours.”

Education & Background

I minored in piano music. Technique and theory were my strong points and I teach both in my classes each week. I have played for churches and weddings. I have taught piano for 28 years. I once took over the position of Jr. High School music teacher and choral teacher for 6 months due to the teacher being out.


What I Teach

I enjoy all levels of instruction. My methods are the same as they were 28 years ago. It works and students learn notes and timing quickly. Students learn notes by slogans. Timing is learned by rhythms and counting each measure. All this is learned quicker by practice.

Ages/Skill Levels Taught
  • All levels
  • All are welcome
  • Ages 5+ are welcome


My Associations
  • I was a member of the Alabama Music Association and judged competitions for teachers’ students for 20 years.