Piano Tuning
Piano Tuning

Like any stringed instrument, pianos stray out of tune over time. We’ve got the ear and the special equipment necessary to tune your piano so that it sounds just like it should. Enter our monthly drawing for a chance at winning a free piano tuning!

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Piano Repair
Piano Repair

Broken strings or other problems with your piano? Bring it in to us, we’ll fix it up perfectly. We’ve seen just about every piano repair there is, so if anyone can fix it, we can.

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Piano Moving
Piano Moving

Pianos are delicate instruments, and your regular moving company may not be equipped to handle it. We’ll securely move your piano because we have respect for the instrument that makes caring for it easy.

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Piano Restoration
Piano Restoration

Is the paint fading on your old piano, or keys missing? Whatever wear and tear has affected your piano over time, we can restore it so it’s good as new. Bring your piano back to the state of elegance it deserves.

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Piano Rentals
Piano Rental

Got an event coming up and need a piano? We’ve got a great selection to meet your needs! With affordable rates and different pianos to choose from, our piano renting service will give you the right piano at your convenience.

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Piano Storage
Piano Storage

Keep your piano somewhere safe with our piano storage! We make sure the humidity is right for storing wooden instruments to make sure your piano stays in the same condition you left it in.

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Buying Pianos
Buying Pianos

Whether you’re just learning, or you’re a master looking to upgrade your set up, we’ve got the piano for you! We have a wide range of different pianos to meet anyone’s needs and budget.

Come on in today or call and ask about our pianos for sale!

Whether in your home, in our store or our workshop, The Piano Shop is dedicated to providing you with the most appropriate products, parts and services to meet your every piano need. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

  • Expert Tuning
  • Voicing
  • Appraisals
  • Humidity Control Systems
  • New Soundboards
  • Pinblock Replacement
  • Re-Stringing
  • New Actions
  • Hammer Replacement
  • Refinishing
  • Action Regulating
  • New Keytops
  • Moving And Storage – GRAND MOVERS
  • Consignments
  • We Buy Pianos
  • Piano Accessories, Benches, Custom Covers
  • Warranty Service on Most Brands
  • Player Piano Installations


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