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Our goal in all restoration work is to improve the performance of your piano with extended service beyond completion of the job. Below are 3 steps in a complete piano restoration. They can be taken separately or as a total package depending on condition and budget.

Action Work is the overhaul and/or replacement of worn action parts in order to restore and improve the responsiveness and tone

_MG_1549Damaged action rails replaced.

Cold pressed American or German hammers are custom manufactured and installed

High quality American or German action parts are installed

Action geometry is analyzed and optimized

Keys are reweighed

Friction is minimized

Existing ivory keytops in good condition are restored

Worn ivory and older plastic keytops are replaced with new German acrylic

New keybushings are installed

New felt on keyframe is installed

Action and dampers are precisely regulated

Belly Work is the replacement of worn pinblock, soundboard and bridges; the foundation of any major restoration job that determines the future stability of the instrument. Precise workmanship is imperative.

_MG_8935Shaping and gluing ribs to quarter sawn

Sitka spruce soundboard panels

Tapering soundboard panel for better resonance

Installing hard rock maple bridge caps and hand carving bridge notches

Installing quarter sawn hard rock maple pinblock

Installing custom manufactured bass strings

Restringing with new tuning pins

Installing new agraffes and resurfacing capo d’astro

Reinforcement of bracing and superstructure (if needed)

Case Refinishing work is sent to our hand-picked specialists out-of-house. This way we can assure our customers their instrument will look as good as it sounds when the job is complete.

11955_18_19_4Careful stripping of original finish

Repair of case details such as ornamentation, sharp corners and veneer

Wood pour filling to ensure a smooth final finish

Application of stain and sealers

Application of multiple coats of lacquer

Hand rubbed final finishing

Nickel re-plating and brass polishing of metal case parts

Application of new felt to music desk and lyre components