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Janice Schick

Janice Schick


About Me

As well as formal recitals in January and May, my young students play at a nearby nursing home at least twice a year. (There is no extra charge for recitals.) Some of my students may choose to participate in activities sponsored by GLMTA or KMTA such as the November workshop, the March auditions, or the piano ensembles.

Education & Background

After 10 years of teaching piano in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and four years in China, I am now offering lessons in East Louisville (Lyndon, near the NE YMCA).

As a former public school music teacher (B.S.Ed.), I understand that learning to play the piano is not just about music, but about life. Learning to listen, to focus, to persevere through difficulties, and to perform for others – these are the skills that will help people in many different ways.


What I Teach

As a registered teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) and its US counterpart, the Music Development Program, I have prepared many students for their exams, and 100% of them have succeeded. Exams are a good way to measure progress, but making musicians, not exam-passers, will always be my goal as a teacher.

What if you already play piano but would like to learn to IMPROVISE, to play HYMNS well, or to follow a lead sheet to play PRAISE & WORSHIP STYLE? I have developed methods to get you there quickly! As a pianist in churches large and small since the age of ten, I can teach how to accompany, how to express the text, how to play in an ensemble, and how to provide background music.


Ages/Skill Levels Taught

For beginners of any age, I offer varied methods suited to the individual’s learning style.
For transfer students, I am willing to work with the book series you are already following.
For adults who “used to play piano,” I can show you how to relearn quickly what you once knew, and progress to the music you want to play.

If English is not your first language, I have many years of experience with non-native speakers, both as a piano teacher and an ESL teacher.


My Associations
  • Greater Louisville Music Teacher Association
  • Kentucky Music Teacher Association
  • Music Teachers National Association